Vocal On Issues for our Children’s Education

MDUSD VOICE is a parent advocacy group whose mission it is to provide Mt. Diablo School District parents a voice with regard to basic educational issues that affect the MDUSD student population.

For more information and how you can get involved


4 thoughts on “What is MDUSD VOICE?

  1. We were just notified that there is a meeting on Monday, Sept 28th at College Park High School regarding cancelling Winter and Spring Sports at 7 pm. We need as many parents as possible at the meeting. Also, we obviously don’t want the District to cancel sports and need to get this fixed. Help!!

  2. Jennifer,

    Unfortunately not as many donations have been collected as was needed for the fall sports. However, I know that UMDAF is still going forward with fundraising. I would recommend that parents attend the meeting and discuss how more funds can get into UMDAF so that all of our programs can be offered this year.

    Before it can be cancelled it must be put on a MDUSD board agenda. Only the board can cancel the programs.

  3. We would be more than happy to do a fundraiser for College Park and donate 10% of revenues back to the school. Our company, College Track Services, does SAT prep, college admissions counseling, and tutoring. Parents and students need additional help in light of the hyper competitive college admissions process. It would be our pleasure to help close the funding gaps that schools currently face. You can learn more about our company at http://www.collegetrackservices.com. Feel free to contact me and I hope we might be able to help College Park.

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