MDUSD Voice Superintendent Survey: The results are in!

A huge thank you to the over 90 people who took Voice’s recent survey regarding the MDUSD’s Superintendent Search. The surveys have been tabulated and the results were turned over last week to the district’s search consultants, Leadership Associates. Below are just a few of the highlights of the responses. Please see the link at the end of this article for complete details.

Participants in the survey were from primarily the Northgate and Pleasant Hill school feeder patterns. 92% of respondents identified themselves as parents in the district, and 5% students. 76% of those answering the survey indicated they had children in elementary school; 32% middle school; and 28% high school. (Of course, because you can have kids in all three, the results do not add up to 100%!)

In terms of the desired skills that a new superintendent might bring to the position, over 75% of respondents found it extremely important that the candidate simply understand schools. Other highly rated desirable skills included consistent and highly quality evaluation of staff (62.5% rated extremely important) and strong written and oral skills (64.4% rated extremely important.)

In the background and previous experience category, over 50% of respondents rated a proven track record for fiscal responsibility as extremely important, with “a track record and proven success in strategic planning” ranking next highest.

As far as the category of leadership style and abilities, in the strongest result of the survey, 72% of participants cited the need for the new superintendent to be an “open and honest communicator” as extremely important, followed by “truly cares about students (65%) and “works well with board as a team” and promotes parent engagement as being highly desirable leadership qualities.

The question of what were the top ten desirable qualities was both a difficult one to answer judging by the comments of some of our participants, and a bit of a difficult one to calculate. However, one quality stood out as a winner: “open and honest communicator,” with over half of those who tackled the question rating it as a top ten quality. Other stand-outs included:

  • Visionary leader
  • No status quo excuses
  • Truly cares about students
  • Proven track record for fiscal responsibility
  • Understands schools
  • Promotes parent engagement
  • Works with board as a team
  • Strategic planner
  • Consistent high evaluation of staff

For a complete look at the results, view the PDF here.

Next week, Voice hopes to bring you and update on where the search effort currently stands, including a timeline for the complete hiring process.


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