Administrative pay raises to be considered at tonight’s board meeting.

According to the Contra Costa Times and, the MDUSD Board of Education will be voting TONIGHT at the regularly scheduled board meeting on a total of $40, 115 in administrative pay raises in order to compensate remaining administrators for additional duties and responsibilities taken on as a result of the elimination of other administrative positions due to budget cuts

Read here for Superintendent Nicoll’s memo to the board regarding the proposed raises:

For more information, visit the blog here:

Or, read the Contra Costa Times article here:

What do you think about these proposals? If you have an opinion, please make sure to attend the MDUSD Board meeting tonight, 7:30 pm at the Dent Center in Concord.


One thought on “Administrative pay raises to be considered at tonight’s board meeting.

  1. I have had my children and grandchildren graduate from MDUSD schools, served as parent club president, and served on numerous district committees when my children were students. But I have learned that the Administration, Board, and Teachers Union are committed to segregation based on economic class and our schools will remain lousy until not only is there a change in State funding but a change in the political culture of the District. The district not only employes less qualified and less experienced teachers for schools in poorer neigherborhoods but buses students from rich neighborhoods ( the Crossings and Crystle Ranch ) way over to Northgate although the nearest school is Clayton Valley right close. Moreover they also bus students from poor areas west of Pittsburg to Mt. Diablo High past the closer Concord High. The discrimination in this district is as bad as in the South before Brown vs Bd of Education.
    As parents you should be aware that although the District does not deserve your support, your children can still suceed because family influence can make up for the short comings of the District. All of my children and most of my grandchildren are graduates of the University of California,

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