MDUSD VOICE has changed!

While there has been a wonderful collaboration of ideas over the past several months between the original VOICE members, we have found that the time required to run a blog site as a joint effort is too great. Therefore, I have decided to become the editor of MDUSD VOICE. While I intend to broaden ideas through guest commentary, the advocacy group and the ideas put forth in this blog will be mine. I hope you will find the information informative and thought provoking as I attempt to engage parents in dialogue about the ongoing educational issues facing our district, our communities, our state, and our nation. In the upcoming months I will follow the bond measure, the school board election, the lowest performing schools list, the new proposed charter school, and of course the budget. I will share with those of you who follow this blog my thoughts on our district leadership and the need for greater communication and a comprehensive strategic plan. You will find articles and videos about education, innovation and reform occurring in districts across the country where courageous leaders have committed to real change. I am excited to embark on this undertaking and look forward to hearing your comments and ideas.

Linda Loza


3 thoughts on “MDUSD VOICE has changed!

  1. I’m new to your blog but have enjoyed your insights. I believe that most parents are not aware of some recent changes and that media coverage should be more in depth.

    Take summer school, for example. The district says that reducing graduation requirements will keep them from dropping programs. Yet summer school, for most, has already been dropped. They’ll state that DVC is an option, yet classes aren’t available, plus they are on probation.

    If you check into distance learning, such as BYU’s independent study program, you’ll find reasonable cost for mending GPA’s or college level courses. The problem is that the district won’t accept on-line courses.

    If programs are going to be cut, then parents should have options. My hope is that the district will re-examine their policy and do what is right for the students.

    Feel free to contact me any time to help get the word out on any educational items.

  2. John,

    You are correct, the board dropped graduation requirements from 3 years of math to 2 years. According to the Superintendent, if you are a college bound student you are already exceeding the standard requirement by taking 4 to 5 years of math, including Algebra in 8th grade. These opportunities should not change.

    For students who are not college bound and do not excel in math, many found themselves in summer school after failing the third year of math. The cost savings for lowering the graduation requirement comes from not having to offer summer school to these struggling students.

    I dislike the idea of lowering the bar. However, I must tell you that Acalanes (considered one of the best districts in the state) only requires two years of math to graduate, the caveat being that they require more total credits than MDUSD.

    Several years ago MIT experimented with webcasting their large lectures and allowing students to view these lectures in small discussion group settings. They found that student success and attendance went up 50%. MIT now provides webcasts for all of their large courses and have created a podcast library available online for use by anyone.

    Our district needs a strategic plan that includes a vision for widening the breadth of courses offered to our students by providing online opportunities.

    I hope you and others will continue to push for this type of innovation.

  3. Very unfortunate. Can you at least change the misleading name? It should be anti-student, anti-mdusd voice.

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