CC Times Editorial Writer Exposes Measure C

In an article published today, Contra Costa Times editorial writer Dan Borenstein examined the details of the bond measure MDUSD has placed on the June ballot.  Measure C is an extension of the bond passed in 2002 and, according to the Times article, will extend the current bond from 2031 to 2052.  The end result will be a $348 million bond with a $1.87 billion price tag to taxpayers and a burden to future generations of students who’s educational needs will be saddled with debt.

In addition,  Borenstein goes on to say, “Bonds for construction don’t address the district’s most critical problem. What the school system needs first is money for its day-to-day operations that have been shortchanged by the state budget crisis. For that, the district needs a parcel tax…”

Borenstein admonished the district for a lack of transparency when it comes to the financial details of this measure and writes, “…. we should be able to count on our elected and appointed officials — especially school officials — to be transparent about the costs. Unfortunately, as this case demonstrates, we cannot.”

CC Times Article – Daniel Borenstein: Exorbitant price tag on Measure C


One thought on “CC Times Editorial Writer Exposes Measure C

  1. As a taxpayer, I understand the drastic impact that state budget cuts have had on funding for education in the MDUSD and I am willing to do what I can to help support local funding. What is difficult to accept is the attitude of the district, board and supporters of Measure C who expect us to blindly trust them and support this measure based on their say so and who get impatient when detailed questions are asked. Trust is something that has to be earned and the Borenstein article has only further eroded my trust in the district.

    Since the district didn’t think it was even necessary to do the financial analysis, thank you Mr. Borenstein for asking the questions and getting answers on our behalf. Now we at least have a clear understanding of what to expect.

    How embarassing and disappointing for our community that our school district didn’t even think that it was necessary to do the analysis and to communicate the plan to us.

    I agree with Mr. Borenstein that this was a campaign that was designed out of political expediency and not financial sense. Our district is looking for a quick fix and hoping that if they say the right things and circumvent full disclosure, that they will be rewarded with an easy win.

    Because there is no strategic planning behind the decision to move ahead with Measure C – it is done in a vacuum from plans for a parcel tax or future bond measrue – I believe that this an ill advised, short sighted plan that will fail to maximize the long term educational benefits that are possible for our students.

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