We don’t want what we have, so what do we want?

I read the local blogs and often you can find me responding to various posts about MDUSD. Today I wanted to use those blogs as inspiration to post on Voice.  I would like to find a way to harness all this outrage and the disappointment into something positive.  I am reading comments about replacing the Board, firing the Superintendent, firing the new personnel director, uniting parents at Mt. Diablo Elementary to demand a quality Principal, etc…


There are approximately 32,000 students in this school district with an estimated 40,000 parents.  That easily makes us the largest stakeholder in this district. We should have a louder voice than any other constituency.  Take a page from Bancroft or MDE and be heard.

We know we don’t like what we are getting, so….


I will start the list.

  1. Clear, Honest, and Regular Communication – this means a Monday Memo with important and/or interesting information about our district.  This communication should be used to inform and to begin to build a community partnership.
  2. Vision – A vision to improve the quality of education in this district.  A vision that is backed up with a strategic plan that encompasses input from all stakeholders and provides the structure for sound decision making when reorganizing, cutting budgets, making expenditures, and a myriad of day to day decisions.



4 thoughts on “We don’t want what we have, so what do we want?

  1. In addition to great list:
    1. Stop top-down management.
    2. Stop the needless and pointless mandated teacher meetings.
    3. Stop forcing additonal “grant funded” curriculum, (especially when not providing support materials). Teaching the approved CA standards to our diverse student population is already demanding.
    4. Give principals the time to support new and/or weak teachers.
    5. Actions speak louder than words. Respect and inspire teachers to create positive school climates.

  2. What I’d like to see probably won’t happen: secession of the neighborhoods west of 680 to form our own district. I’m sick of my tax dollars being sucked into the morass that is MDUSD rather than going towards the schools in my community.

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