Blog Policies

Editorial Policy

The MDUSD VOICE Blog strives to report the truth, to be transparent and honest about what is posted. However, positions might be taken on issues that may, or may not, be representative of the opinions of all of our readers. In addition, we will take positions on political issues. The underlying litmus test will always be to consider the needs of the students in the Mt. Diablo School District first and foremost. We welcome and encourage comments from both those individuals who support our opinions, and those who may disagree.

Comment Policy

Comments are not pre-moderated and all thoughts – supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise are welcome. Comments will not be deleted or censored unless they have content that:

  • is abusive
  • is off-topic
  • contains ad-hominem attacks
  • promotes hate of any kind
  • uses excessively foul language
  • is blatantly spam

We hope that our readers will support the use of their real name or user name when commenting.  Anonymous commenting is allowed, but not encouraged.