Our Mission

MDUSD VOICE is a parent advocacy group whose mission it is to provide Mt. Diablo School District parents a voice with regard to basic educational issues that affect the MDUSD student population.

MDUSD VOICE will be a leader in pursuing quality, reform, and innovation in education for students in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District through parent advocacy. We aspire to make a difference by the representation and protection of collective student interests through expanded community participation, collaboration of innovative ideas, and a strong dedication to our mission. MDUSD VOICE will involve parents in education issues, influence decision-making, participate in implementation of education policy and aid in the election of representatives in key political seats that will uphold the integrity inherent in the office sought.
How can you help?
Our goal is to create an effective partnership between parents and those responsible for the education of our children. We will hold our city officials, school board members, administrators, and teachers accountable for policies, practices, and implementation of the status quo that lead to a system that does not put the interest of the students first.  We will work as a community to achieve excellence in education.
We need parents throughout the district to provide guest commentary, to become part of the editorial board, to comment on blog posts, to participate when we have a call to action, to join our Facebook Fan page and in doing so, show a united VOICE for the parents of student’s in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Come join us, be vocal for our children’s education through VOICE.