Superintendent Search

Superintendent Search Update – 11/13/09

According to the MDUSD website, the school board members are in closed session today and tomorrow regarding the search for a new superintendent.  The writer of this post would assume this would be part of the interviewing process.  In addition,  Dr. Nicoll’s official retirement date of January 31, 2010 is posted in the board summary from last Tuesday.


The search has begun for a new superintendent to lead the Mt. Diablo School District during these troubled times. What qualities are you looking for in the person who will head this district? Are qualities like leader, visionary, motivator, and innovator important? Should the candidate have education experience or bring new ideas by being from outside academia? Do you want someone who believes this district needs innovation and reform, or someone who wants to get back to basics? Do you want a superintendent who puts the needs of the students first and foremost, or a superintendent who walks the tightrope of trying to keep all stakeholders happy? Tell us what you think are the important qualities and characteristics of a new superintendent.

Survey –

We have compiled, in this survey, the list of characteristics the school board members believe are important to find in a superintendent candidate. As a major stakeholder in this district this survey will provide you an opportunity to comment on, and rank, these characteristics.  Please take a moment to do so.


MDUSD Board’s Desired List of  Superintendent Qualities

Video – Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent

Superintendents in the News –

Michelle Rhee Unconventional Reformer / Can She Save Our Schools (Video)


rman to Lead Chicago Public Schools

New Oakland Schools Superintendent Gets Started

Leadership Characteristics that Facilitate School Change

See Article


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